The Beginning

The Texas Team Foundation was founded by Chris Nicola, Richard “Mack” Machowicz, Mandy Machowicz, John Cantarella, David Kappus, Bobby Fuller and Miguel Yanez to fill the gaps that seem to exist for former or reserve Navy SEALs and Naval Special Warfare members and their families, as well as for Texas First Responders – all who seem to fall short when the need arises most.

Leadership Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide critical support to Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Veterans, First Responders and their Families in Texas. And, Texas Team Foundation has identified three pillars of support for NSW & 1st Responder personnel in Texas:

  1. Those dealing with personal crisis
  2. Those impacted directly by natural disasters
  3. Morale & heritage programs for Texas SEAL Chapters

Want to Support Texas Team Foundation?

As a non-profit we rely on your generosity to help us to continue the support.


The Story

All our founding members have served either as active SEALs, in Texas Fire Service, Law Enforcement or both. We have seen other members and their families suffer greatly because they didn’t fit comfortably into the Charter of a certain foundation or association, for one reason or another. In 2016, we all got together and decided to create a foundation that would enable us to address the needs of our Texas Heroes and created the above mentioned pillars of support as a means to provide that support.

There are three Chapters of the UDT-SEAL Association in Texas – Gulf Coast, Central Texas & North Texas; that serve approximately 300 Naval Special Warfare members and their families. Additionally, a few of our members are affiliated with several 1st Responder organizations. With that, we are poised to stay on the forefront of needs as they arise.

With the passing of our SEAL Brother, Friend and Founding member, Richard “Mack” Machowicz, our team, along with Mandy Machowicz, Macks surviving spouse, have dedicated our efforts toward achieving the goals that Mack was so passionate about in his life.

Texas Team Foundation is currently staffed with 100% volunteers. Our board of directors are all founding members and we rely heavily on volunteer support from our own families and those groups that we desire to support.